TopicNetwork Management and Monitoring (NMM)
OutlineThe objective of this tutorial is to introduce Network Management and Monitoring concepts by giving an overview of Network fundamentals, Linux fundamentals and exploring some of the Free Open-Source Software (FOSS) tools that can be utilised for Network Management and Monitoring.
Tutorial topics
• Introduction to NMM
• Log management and Time series database
• Ticketing systems and documentation
Lead TrainerDave Phelan
Senior Network Analyst / Technical Trainer
Dave comes to APNIC having worked in the Australian ISP and MSP community for the last 20 years in roles as diverse as carrier transmission networks, to System Administration, to core, edge and customer networks. Having built a corporate ISP network from the ground up, he comes with an understanding of traps and pitfalls that most networks have and do experience.
TopicNetwork Security
OutlineThe tutorial is a snapshot of some of the labs that are in the 3 or 5 day Network security workshops that are delivered by APNIC. This is a combine tutorial of the Cryptography fundamentals and Packet Analysis tutorials.
• The objective of the “Cryptography Fundamentals” is to introduce cryptographic concepts by explaining various hash functions, encryption algorithms and digital signatures and how to utilise cryptography to enhance security.
• The objective of the “Packet Analysis” is to introduce packet analysis concepts by explaining various protocols, tools, and strategies to analyse packets to enhance security and help with troubleshooting.
Lead TrainerWarren Finch
Senior Network Analyst / Technical Trainer
Warren is an experienced consultant and trainer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Windows, Cisco IOS, Virtualisation, Technical Support, and User Training.