btNOG: Fifth Bhutan Network Operators Group Meeting

Fellowships for Women in ICT


btNOG is pleased to announce Network Startup Resource Center's (NSRC: fellowships for 3 Bhutanese women working in the ICT to attend btNOG 5 scheduled from 4-June 2018.

What are covered?

Fellowships cover decent accommodation and breakfast from 3 June 2018 (check-in) to 9 June 2018 (Check-out). Fellows will still need to pay btNOG 5 registration fee of BTN 9,500 per head and bear your own travel and local expenses. btNOG will not cover TADA.


Fellowships only apply to women working in the ICT fields in Bhutan. You will have to (or get approval) to attend entire btNOG 5 event.

Selection Criteria

Remoteness of placement with more remote given the higher preference. A proof of placement like the letter from organization is necessary. Only 1 fellow per workshop/training track (of the three tracks: Track 1 - Campus Network Design, Track 2 - Wireless, and Track 3 - IPv6) will be offered. If there are multiple applicants for some tracks and no applicant for others, selection committee will make recommendations to lesser eligible applicants to switch tracks. Applicants are requested to email brief write-up in no more than a small paragraph or maximum 5 sentences to each of the following questions:

  • Describe your current position and responsibilities.
  • Why are you applying for fellowship?
  • Describe your day-to-day computing, networking and Internet environment.
  • Justify how you and your works/organization will be benefited from the btNOG training. Include how to plan to apply your learning from the training.

Submission and Deadline

Above write-up accompanied by properly filled registration form and proof of your placement should be emailed to btnog-sec(at)nog(dot)bt before 23:59 Hours BST on 20 May 2018.

Result Announcement

Fellowships result will be announced latest by 23:59 Hours BST on 23 May 2018.

More Information

For further information please contact the btNOG Secretariat at btnog-sec(at)nog(dot)bt.

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